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Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005

Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms.Olympia 2005

Name: Yaxeni Milagros Oriquen Perez
Born: September 3, 1966, Venezuela
Weight: 185pounds (off season) / 160pounds (contest)
Height: 5'7   Biceps: 17.5   Quads: 48   Calves: 20

I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Among my brothers and sisters, I am the youngest.

Background: Fitness Education, Theater, Modeling and a TV Actress.

In 1993 I won the Venezuelan Nationals, the Ibero American, The South American and the Central American Championships.

In 1993 I took my Procard IFBB and won overall championships in Puerto Rico; then I moved to the US.

Currently I work as a personal trainer at Iron Works in Miami Beach, Florida.

On my free time, I study English and spend a lot of time with my husband and my son. I am extremely organized, disciplined and strict. I have a temper sometimes.

2005 Ms Olympia

Yaxeni Oriquen
Latin Style DVD

I spend most of my time doing services for my Lord, I am evangelist. God Transformed my life, He gave me peace and joy. Through God I have learned to content myself no matter the circumstances. He is my strength. He gives strength to whoever needs him, just open your hearth and spirit and let him come to your life. Remember He died for us.

I would like to be a movie star, let's say a "Yaxeneger" (female Arnold Version).

Favorite colors - blue, white & black. Favorite food off season - sweets, cakes (prepared by myself), white rice, beans and steak.

2005 Ms. Olympia IFBB - Winner
2005 Ms. International - Overall, 1st
2004 Ms. Olympia - 3rd
2004 Ms. International - 2nd
2004 GNC Show Of Strength - 1st
2004 Night Of Champions - 1st
2003 Ms. Olympia - 3rd
2003 Ms. International - Overall, 1st
2002 Ms. Olympia - 4th
2002 GNC Show Of Strength Pro - 1st
2002 Ms. International - Overall, 1st
2001 Ms. Olympia - 3rd
2001 Women's Pro Extravaganza - 2nd
2001 Jan Tana Classic - 2nd
2001 Ms. International - 4th
2000 Ms. Olympia - 4th
2000 Ms. International - 8th
1999 Women's Pro Extravaganza - 3rd
1999 Ms. Olympia - 10th
1999 World Pro Championships - 6th
1999 Ms. International - 18th
1999 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 2nd
1998 Ms. Olympia - 10th
1998 Ms. International - 14th
1998 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 4th
1997 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 6th
1996 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 12th
1996 Grand Prix Slovakia - 8th
1996 Grand Prix Prague - 8th
1995 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 9th
1995 Grand Prix Prague - 5th
1994 Jan Tana Pro Classic - 10th
1994 Grand Prix Prague - 6th
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
Yaxeni Oriquen - Ms Olympia 2005
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Photos courtesy of Yaxeni Oriquen at Yaxeni.com

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