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Cory Everson - Ms. Olympia 1984-1989

Cory Everson
Ms Olympia 1984 - 1989

Name: Cory Everson
Born: January 4, 1959;  Racine, Wisconsin

Birth name is Corinna Inez Kneuer, took Jeff Everson's last name when they married on July 10, 1982. (they are now divorced). Raised in Wisconsin, USA. Attended the University of Wisconsin Madison, Cory started in track and field. Cory brought women's bodybuilding to national recognition, winning six consecutive Ms. Olympias. She has a television program on ESPN called 'Gotta Sweat'. Cory Is featured in five videos, named 'Aerobic ZGroove, Circuit Sculpt, Island Aerobic, Cardio Kick, and Step On It.' In January 1999, Cory was inducted into the Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.
1989 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1988 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1987 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1986 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1985 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1984 Ms. Olympia - IFBB, Winner
1984 American Championships - 1st
1983 NPC National - HW 2nd
1983 AFWB American Championships - 8th
1983 U.S. Championships Couples - 1st
1983 Bodybuilding Expo Mixed Pairs - 1st
1983 Bodybuilding Expo IV - Winner
1982 North American Mixed Pairs - 1st
1982 IFBB North American - Winner
1982 AFWB American Championships - 5th
1982 Bodybuilding Expo Couples - 2nd
1982 Bodybuilding Expo III MW - 2nd
1982 Ms. East Coast MW - 1st
1981 American Championships - MW 11th
1981 Couples America - 1st
1981 Ms. Central USA - HW 1st & Overall
1981 Ms. Midwest Open - Tall 1st & Overall
1980 American Couples - 3rd
1980 Ms. Mid America - Tall 1st & Overall

Cory Everson
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Cory Everson
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Cory Everson - Ms Olympia 1984-1989
Cory Everson
Cory Everson
Cory Everson
Cory Everson
Cory Everson
Cory Everson
Cory Everson - Ms Olympia 1984-1989
Cory Everson - Ms Olympia 1984-1989

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Cory Everson Filmography:
Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996) (TV)
Felony (1995) - Sondra
Ballistic (1995) - Claudia - aka Fist of Justice (1995) (USA)
Natural Born Killers (1994) - TV Mallory
Double Impact (1991) - Kara
The Morning After (1986) - Miss Olympia

Videos:  Click on the title to learn more about it and/or order it
Cory Everson: Total Body Workout
Cory Everson: Get Hard: Arms and Shoulders
Cory Everson: Get Hard: Abs and Glutes
Cory Everson: Basic Sculpting System: Hips, Thighs, Calves
Cory Everson: Basic Sculpting System - Abs, Backs, Biceps
Cory Everson: Basic Sculpting System - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

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