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Art By Casso - original site of artist Jussi Hamalainen - excellent drawings of famous bodybuilders.

Bio-Genetic Muscle Building Weight Gain Program - Hardgainer Reveals Secrets To Packing On Mass Fast!

Blast Your Bench - Add 50 lbs. to your Bench Press in only 3 weeks!

Bodybuild - Bodybuilding and Fitness articles, pictures, news, Mr & Ms Olympia gallery.

Bodybuilding and Sport Motivation Hypnosis - with an online suggestibility test, videos, downloads for strength, mass, motivation and nutrition.

Charisma Models - Online presence for upcoming hot models.

Father Fitness - Bridging the gap between unfit Dad and fit Dad. Tips to get your kids active and outdoors. Former fundraiser, current blogger. Thanks for following!

Female Muscle - Bodybuilding information, resource community center for bodybuilders from beginners to experts on building a better body. Homegrown, weekly articles, forum, newsletter, 24 hour live chat rooms.

Fitness by Gordon - "Maturity can be a Banquet when fed by Exercise" says Gordon Age '75'

Figure competition diet - Information about diet for figure competition.

Female Bodybuilding - Female Bodybuilders, Female Fitness, Articles, Pictures, Forum.

Franco Bodypictures - Paintings, drawings, photographies dedicated to bodybuilders, muscle and musclelovers.

Get Big - American Bodybuilding - includes pro rankings, articles, gossip, upcoming contests, chat, almanac, and more.

Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training - program has been specially designed for people with just normal or below normal genetics. The body has the potential to grow very large amounts of muscle, all it needs is the system that will work and can be adopted by anybody's genetic blue print.

Lift for Life - Natural Bodybuilding at it's Finest, Lift for Over 200 pages of bodybuilding articles and information for the Natural Bodybuilder.

Loxley Sports - We're a Health and Fitness blog created by fitness lovers. We write about Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle and Weight Loss. Stay on target with Loxley Sports!

Mario Strong - Read a history on bodybuilding in America, plus get instruction on natural muscle building, nutrition, weight loss, strength training, and much more.

Muscle Articles from 4Ever Fitness - Everything about fitness training and exercise tips. Eat right and live healthy with 4Ever Fitness.

Muscle Building Mag - Information on body building routines, muscle workouts, tips for building lean muscle, accelerating muscle growth and burn fat.

Muscle and Workouts - This site is about educating YOU in the whole gym experience, from workouts, tips, fat loss and nutrition.

MuscleNow - Muscle Mass WITHOUT Supplements or Drugs; Free Personal Training!

Muscular Development - provides the latest information on strength training, bodybuilding, nutrition, fitness, and health.

Natural Size - Build Muscle Mass, Weight Lifting Routines, Free Workout and Diet Tips

Natural Weightlifting - Weight lifting program that works naturally

Randy's Fitness - Benefits of exercise, strength/bodybuilding training, cardiovascular training, and sport/fitness nutrition, plus so much more!

Shout Fitness - We shout about all things fitness! From training to motivation, Shout Fitness will give you all the information you need to lead a happy and healthy life. - Take your Flexibility to the next level with over 100 Stretching and Flexibility Exercises. Improve your athletic performance, eradicate sports injury and do away with tight, stiff muscles.

Truly Huge - Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness. Free Fitness Tips.

Wanna Be Big  - articles, tips, newsletter, Q and A, columns, and forums updated monthly.

Weightlifting Tips Directory -'s Directory of Pros, Weight Training sites, personal trainers, products and equipment sites.

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