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Want to get your picture added here? 
We welcome your letters with your own bodybuilding stories and pictures
E-mail them to:
David, NJ David, New Jersey. 
I am 43. I squat 617 pounds and press 440 pounds. Here I briefly describe my training technique     More ...
Hi, my name's Liz. I live in Watford, England. I weight train and do gymnastics. I'm 27 and have lived with the joy of aching muscles for most of that time!
Here is my  workout ...
Here are some of my pics ...

R255 G220 B90
Dmitry SukhovHi! I am Dmitry Sukhov from Moscow, Russia. My training split looks like this: 
I train 2,5 years. 3 days on - two days off. Thanks for a nice site.
Hi, my name is Stewart and I have been working out for 4 years. I do a 3 on 1 off routine.

James Ooi, Malaysia.
Presently, the feedback I would like to share as a beginner in bodybuilding for past two years is the importance of good form, nutrition and adequate rest. When I started training, my goals were to be like Arnold Swarzenegger and I trained hard and took on weights much too heavy for myself and cheated, resulting in bad form and injuries to my back. I had to stop training for 1 year. Later, I got back into training and because I didn't have proper technique and training, I suffered severe inflammation of my right elbow...
After much reading and research from books and web sites like yours I realized the importance of supplements, rest and a complete workout for the whole body.
I always wanted big arms but my forearms were undeveloped and your articles enlightened me on the importance of training my forearms. Lately, acting upon your advice, I have found greater strength and growth in my arms. Thank you.

Rachid FarissiI am Rachid Farissi, 24 years old, Casablanca, Marocco. Height - (5' 6"). Current weight - 176 lbs. I have been bodybuilding for 5 years now and really enjoy it. My primary goal is to add more quality muscle mass and then to compete at the African Championships and then at the World Championships. Next year I will compete at the open canadian contests.
Contests include: 2001 Morocco Championships: 2nd Place; 2000 Morocco Championships: 1st Place; 2000 regional championships:3 place;  1999 Morocco Championships: 3rd Place; 1999 regional championships:2 place.
Favorite Bodyparts: Shoulders, Arms, Legs
Favorite Exercise: Shoulder Exercise
Favorite Supplements: Creatine, Glutamine, Amino Acid, Whey Protein
Hobbies: Listening to the music, computers.
Workout Plan:
Day 1 - Chest and Triceps 
Day 2 - Back and Biceps
Day 3 - Shoulders and Legs
Day 4 - off
Day 5 - Chest and Triceps
Day 6 - Back and Biceps
Day 7 - off
my web site:

Jussi HamalainenJussi Hamalainen - bodybuilding artist. 
I have been in contact with many bodybuilders, fitness pros, photographers and bodybuilding magazines around the world, and it has been my pleasure to notice that the response has been very welcoming and warm.   More ...
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