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Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts has been researching anabolic steroids for over a decade and is the author of the new book, Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide. He began his research at the age of seventeen while he was a competitive martial artist, ultimately winning a silver medal in his state martial arts tournament in the black belt division.

His firsthand experience in steroids began after he switched sports and began playing rugby, in which he ultimately made two consecutive appearances at the hooker position in the national collegiate all-star games. Along the way to his two national appearances, he won Player of the Year at his university and started every single game for all four years, spending every year since the end of the first as the team captain.

Shortly after graduating college with a B.A. in English and another in Philosophy, this MENSA member moved to New Zealand where he played first division rugby union in the north Harbour province and second grade rugby league. 

During this time competing at an elite level of athletics, he continued his intensive study of anabolics, ultimately resulting in the writing and publication of several articles in the field of anabolics and training.


Anabolic Steroids - Ultimate Research Guide
Useful real-world information from nearly 50,000 Athletes and over two million internet Q&A postings. This is the most comprehensive research tool in the world for the study of anabolic steroids. All of your questions are answered in this ONE Volume!


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