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Body Re-Engineering by Hugo Rivera (Book Review)

Order Anabolics 2009Why So Many People Have Turned To Body Re-Engineering In Order To Achieve Their Fitness Goals?

Body Re-Engineering was designed by a guy who much like the rest of us, was not born with great genetics. He was overweight throughout his childhood and then during his early teen years got afflicted with anorexia as he did not know how to go about losing his extra weight. After that, he spent years studying every article ad book on exercise and nutrition as well testing and documenting what worked and what didn’t. The end result of all this work was not only a championship physique, but also a system that can be used by any regular person to achieve the shape that they are looking for. The system is called Body Re-Engineering as it will literally re-engineer the way you look.

Why Is Hugo Qualified To Give Advice?

Hugo not only has over 18 years of personal experience in training himself but he is also a certified trainer and sports nutritionist. He also holds multiple natural bodybuilding competition titles, including a 4th placing at the NPC Team Universe, where only the elite champion natural bodybuilders from all over the country get to compete.

He’s been featured in national and local television, countless magazines, and several radio shows. He has also written articles for dozens of online and offline publications as well. Through personal and online training, he’s guided thousands of clients in their quest to gain muscle and lose body fat, whether their goal is simply to look good in a bathing suit or enter a bodybuilding competition (or just look like one).

But what separates Hugo the most from other “fitness experts” is that he is also a published best selling fitness author with a successful line, “The Body Sculpting Bible” line, which has sold hundreds of thousands of books that can be found in any good bookstore (or online ones like on the topic of gaining muscle and losing fat. Hugo’s style of writing is very logical and extremely easy to follow; as Hugo’s background is in computer engineering.

What Makes His System Different From Other Fitness Systems?

Hugo’s system reflects a practical and individualized approach to fitness. Depending on what your goals are, and what your specific body type is, Hugo teaches you in Body Re-Engineering how to modify your training and diet program in order to achieve the exact results that you are looking for. Though the system was originally designed for bodybuilding, it shows you how to modify the principles for simple weight loss and muscle tone. Men and women can use it and the system explains how to tailor the diet for each gender. And best of all, unlike other programs that work at first but then leave you hitting a dreaded plateau many weeks later, BRE is designed to bring about continuous results by preventing the body from getting used to the workouts or the diets. This is accomplished through the use of the cycling principle.

The Cycling Philosophy Allows For Continuous And Fast Results

The problem with most fitness programs out there is that they are “static” and “one size fits all” formulas. In other words, they present a training routine and a diet program that regardless of which body type you have, you are supposed to follow until you achieve your desired fitness goal.

There are several problems, however, with this approach:

Problem #1: Training and diet-wise, a program that remains the same will work for as long as the body takes to get used to it. Once the body learns to cope with the stress imposed by the program, your gains will cease to come.

Body Re-Engineering Training Solution
The Body Re-Engineering program not only provides 21 weeks worth of training routines, but each week the routines change in an orderly manner that takes the body to the brink of overtraining and then allows it to recover, and thus, overcompensate (grow) in response to the stress. This is what the author refers to as "The Cycling Principle".

The Cycling Principle is the key to consistent and rapid increases in muscle mass and strength for the bodybuilder. This principle states that in order for the body to respond optimally, it cannot be trained in the same manner all the time and that the best way to make the body respond is through the correct variation of exercises, volume (number of sets times number of reps), intensity (how heavy the weight is), and rest periods between sets.

Workout parameters are going to be determined by the phase of the program you are in. There are going to be three phases that we will be repeating over and over again. The first three weeks, the "Loading Phase", is going to be a high volume phase with short rest between sets. Training volume gradually increases over the course of the three weeks in order to stress the body almost to the point of overtraining. Then the second three weeks are going to be a higher intensity/lower volume phase (heavier weights) with longer periods of rest between sets. This phase is called the "Growth Phase", as volume is reduced but weights are increased in order to let the body catch up and supercompensate (grow muscle size and strength). After these two phases comes the third phase that will only last 1 week, the "Active Recovery Phase". In this phase you will only train with weights twice a week on a full body routine before starting up again with a different "Loading Phase". After the third phase you go back to the first one and start over again with different exercises. The logic is the following:

During the Loading Phase the body is stressed with an increasing high volume of work that if kept for too long will eventually result in overtraining and injury. During this phase, three things will happen:

1) The growth hormone output goes through the roof due to the short rest interval between sets and the high volume.

2) Hypertrophy (muscle growth) occurs by the body increasing the levels of creatine, water and carbohydrates inside the muscle cell. This phenomenon is called muscle voluminization.

3) The body’s recuperation capabilities are upgraded in response to the stress imposed by the increasing volume of work coupled with short rest intervals.

During the Growth Phase the body is not stressed by volume. This time the stimuli are heavy weights. If this phase would be kept for too long eventually the body would cease to stop making strength gains and you would plateau. This is the reason why you always need to go back to a Loading Phase. During this phase the following three things will happen:

1) The testosterone levels go through the roof in response to the longer rest in between sets and the heavier weights.

2) Hypertrophy (muscle growth) occurs by the body increasing the actual diameter of the myofiber (the muscle fiber size) through increased protein synthesis.

3) Since your body’s recuperation abilities were built up to the maximum by the previous phase and the volume has gone down dramatically, these extra recuperation abilities are used to increase strength and build more muscle mass. The reason the body does this is in order to be prepared for another stressful period like the one it just went through. This adaptation mechanism is the one that ensures the survival of the species.

The Active Recovery Phase has three main functions:

1) First, according to leading strength expert Tudor Bompa, Ph.D., “you are trying to adapt the anatomy of the body to the upcoming training so that you can create, or produce an injury free environment”. Essentially, your tendons and ligaments should be strong enough to support the stressful periods that will follow.

2) Second, this phase is a great time to address any strength imbalance that your body might have. This is the reason why mostly dumbbell work will be used during this phase.

3) Finally, this phase will act as a great time in which the body will re-charge its energy stores and allow for complete physical and mental recuperation.

As you can see, by continuously alternating between phases and also changing exercises, you will get continuous results!

Nothing is left to guesswork as all exercises, sets, repetitions and rest in between sets are all specifically defined. In addition, all of these routines have been used by the author himself, as well as many others out there, so they are not only based on sound scientific principles but also on real world practice.

Body Re-Engineering Nutrition Solution
Specific ways to vary the diet are presented in order to maximize muscle gains without fat gains, or to lose body fat as muscle is gained.

For instance, when losing body fat the biggest mistake people make is that they cut calories endlessly in an effort to lose fat. However, the body is a very smart self preserving machine so after a short while it learns to live with the lower caloric intake. In order to do this, muscle mass is typically consumed for fuel as fat stores are preserved in an effort to ensure survival. Then the poor dieter plateaus and tries to either exercise more or lower calories further. However, if calories would have been increased by only a couple of days then such situation would have been avoided. It is imperative that calories are increased for a couple of days a week in order to trick the body into thinking that no dieting is taking place, and thus keep results coming. This technique also prevents muscle loss.

Now, for gaining muscle, typically too many calories are consumed and bodybuilders allow themselves to go way above 10% body fat ending up simply getting fat. Guess what? For most people there is no need to consume such a huge amount of calories. Only hardgainers, which are the minority, need to do this as well as some mesomorphs. Most people only need around 500-700 calories above maintenance, making sure that two days out of 7 calories are lowered. Why? If calories remain constantly high, most of us will grow very well at first. However, once the body's glycogen (carbohydrate) stores like the muscles and the liver are completely full, guess what happens? Yes, you got that right, whatever is not burned gets stored. Unless you want to look like a blimp, this needs to be prevented. How is this prevented? By lowering calories for a couple of days. In this manner, we also create a situation where once the calories are increased again we get an anabolic effect; something that does not happen when you keep calories constant.

So as you can see, the Body Re-Engineering diet prevents the body from getting used to it by using calorie cycling. The last thing you want is a diet that starts out great at the beginning but then you hit a plateau and either you cannot lose any more fat or, if you are trying to gain muscle, either you get stuck at a certain weight or start gaining more fat than muscle. Again, because most diet programs are static, just like training, the body is given the opportunity to adapt to it. Once the body adapts, then forget about any gains! However, the Body Re-Engineering diet takes this into account and manipulates the calories for both the fat loss phases and the muscle gain phases.

By manipulating the training variables in order to maximize results and cycling calories on a weekly bases the results obtained are so dramatic that it will have others wondering what you are doing.

Problem #2: One size fits all formulas cannot provide results for everyone.
Just like there are different people, there are different metabolisms based on body type. In order for each body type to get the best results, they should follow the right training frequency and nutrition plan for their type.

What Makes Body Re-Engineering Different?
Recommendations in regards to training frequency are made so if you are a hardgainer you will not be training as frequently as someone who isn’t. An endomorph however can train as often as 5-6 days a week with weights. Programs that lack this sort of individualization are unable to provide optimal results for everybody.

As far as nutrition, different diet recommendations are made based on the body type that the person has. For instance, a skinny hardgainer needs more calories and a higher carbohydrate base than an endomorph like myself who has a slower metabolism. A gifted mesomorph (naturally muscular and lean person) however needs a diet that lies somewhere in between an ecto and an endomorph. In addition, recommendations are made for troubleshooting your caloric intake. If after a week of using the recommended amount of calories you see that you lost 5 lbs but yet you are trying to gain, the system teaches you how to fix that problem. And of course, if you are not sure, then you can look for help in the forum.

The BRE diet is based on normal foods that can be purchased at the grocery store and it is not a low carbohydrate program. Carbohydrate intake is 45% of the total calories or more depending on body type. While the use of protein shakes is recommended for those unable to eat 5-6 real meals a day, the program is designed to work with simple natural foods found at any grocery shop. In addition, the basic supplements program is nothing more than multiple vitamins, minerals and essential fats.

When you combine all of the above with the advice provided on which bodybuilding supplements to purchase (information that will save you tons of money), how to achieve better sleep, what to eat when at fast food restaurants, the several additional resources that are available in the member’s area (such as exercise videos, training and nutrition logs just to name a few), and the fact that any question you may have can be answered by an expert (or by the author himself) on the member’s forum then you see why this system is a must have for anyone who is interested in losing fat and gaining muscle. Better yet, the cost for it is a tiny fraction of what most people spend on their monthly supplement bill.

Body Re-Engineering : More info / Order


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