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Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr. Olympia - 1983

Name:  Samir Bannout
Born:  Nov 7, 1955, Beirut, Lebanon
Nickname:  The Lion of Lebanon.

Three months before Christmas 1983, Samir Bannout flexed his “decorated” lumbar region in Munich, West Germany, for the IFBB Mr. Olympia judges.  Since then, the high definition found in a muscular lower back has been called a “Christmas tree”. Known as the “Lion of Lebanon” because of his birthplace (Beirut), Samir roared into America in 1974 and settled first in Detroit.  In that city, he was crowned 1978 Mr. Michigan.  In 1979, he won the Best in the World event and the light-heavyweight division of the IFBB World Amateur Champhips. The latter win bequeathed him an IFBB pro card, and he made his debut (also in 1979) at the Canada Pro Cup, by which time he had moved to Venice, California.  Bannout’s IFBB pro career spanned 53 contests; his 11 attempts at the IFBB Mr. Olympia are a record among those who have won the title – as he did in 1983. His last win was the 1990 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational, and the final sighting of Samir in contest mode was at the 1996 IFBB Masters Olympia where he finished in sixth place.  His pro career had endured for 17 years. The Lion always was and still is renowned as one of bodybuilding’s more entertaining characters. His ability to mix quotes with poses never left the industry’s writers disappointed. In 1997 Samir married Randa, a young lady from Lebanon. Today, Samir lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children and pursues several business interests, including the marketing of a supplement company.
1996 Masters Olympia - 6th
1994 Grand Prix Spain - 12th
1994 Grand Prix Germany - 13th
1994 Grand Prix England - 15th
1993 San Jose Pro - 10th
1993 Ironman Pro - 13th
1989 Arnold Classic - 4th
1988 Mr. Olympia - 8th
1983 Mr. Olympia - 1st
1981 Mr. Olympia - 9th

Samir Bannout's official site:

Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983
Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983
Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983 Samir Bannout - Mr Olympia 1983
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