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Sonny Schmidt

Sonny Schmidt

Name: Sonny Schmidt
Name on the birth record: Edmond Alten Schmidt
Born: Sept 19, 1953, New Zealand.   Passed away Jan 25, 2004

Schmidt grew up on the small South Pacific island of Western Samoa. Eventually, he found his way to Australia, where he earned his pro card in 1989. He quickly distinguished himself on the IFBB circuit with his thick powerfully built musculature. The 5'10" 240-pound bodybuilder would compete in nearly 50 pro contests, his final appearance being the 1999 Masters Olympia, where he finished third. The highlight of his career was winning the '95 Masters O.

1999 Masters Olympia 3rd
1998 Arnold Masters 2nd
1997 Masters Olympia 2nd (40+)
1996 Masters Olympia 2nd
1995 Grand Prix Spain 7th
1995 Grand Prix Russia 7th
1995 Grand Prix Germany 5th
1995 Grand Prix France 7th
1995 Grand Prix Ukraine 7th
1995 Grand Prix England 7th
1995 Masters Olympia 1st
1995 Mr. Olympia 13th
1994 Grand Prix Italy 8th
1994 Mr. Olympia 10th
1994 Arnold Classic 10th
1994 Ironman Pro 6th
1994 Grand Prix France 10th
1994 Grand Prix England 11th
1994 Grand Prix Germany 8th
1994 Grand Prix Spain 7th
1993 Mr. Olympia 8th
1992 Pittsburgh Pro 2nd
1991 Finnish Grand Prix 6th
1991 Swiss Grand Prix 5th
1991 English Grand Prix 5th
1991 Spanish Grand Prix 3rd
1991 Italian Grand Prix 3rd
1991 Danish Grand Prix 2nd
1991 Night of Champions 2nd
1991 Niagara Falls Pro 2nd
1991 San Jose Pro 2nd
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