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 Claude Groulx
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Claude Groulx

Claude Groulx

Name: Claude Groulx
Born: June 24, 1962, Montreal, Canada
Height: 5'8"
Off Season Weight: 250 lbs
Competition Weight: 227 lbs

Claude Groulx started training when he was 20 years old. He went to the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). He is fluent in French and English. Have one sister.
Lives in Miami, married to Nevine.

2003 Masters Olympia 1st
2003 G.N.C. Show of Strength 15th
2003 Amsterdam Grand Prix 9th
2003 Russian Grand Prix 8th
2003 British Grand Prix 8th
2003 Mr. Olympia 14th
2003 Rome Grand Prix 4th
2003 Australian 5th
2003 San Francisco 8th
2002 Amsterdam Grand Prix 5th
2002 British Grand Prix 5th
2002 Mr. Olympia 16th
2001 New Zeland Grand Prix 3rd
2001 British Grand Prix 13th
2001 Mr. Olympia 20th
2001 Hungarian Grand Prix 5th
2001 San Francisco Cup 5th
2000 Canada Pro Cup 4th
2000 Hungarian Grand Prix 5th
2000 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic 9th
2000 Ironman Pro Invitational 7th
1999 Night of Champions 11th
1999 Toronto Pro Cup 4th
1998 Finland Grand Prix 7th
1998 German Grand Prix 7th
1998 Mr. Olympia 16th
1998 Night of Champions 8th
1998 Canada Pro Cup 5th
1998 San Francisco Pro 4th
1997 Night of Champions 6th
1997 Canada Pro Cup 4th
1996 San Jose Invitational 11th
1996 Ironman Pro Invitational 11th
1995 Niagra Falls Pro Cup 11th
1995 Canada Pro Cup 4th
1995 Night of Champions 11th
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