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Back in March of 1983, while attending a bodybuilding contest which a friend had entered, I was asked by the promoter to film some video footage of the contest. Before long, I formed Terry Photo® and began traveling to bodybuilding contests, taking video and photos of contestants.

I have worked in the movie theatre business since high school, when many events were held in movie palaces in which I worked. In the mid 80's, my muscle slides were beginning to show up on the big screen, complete with disco soundtrack, as trailers before the shows started.

Terry Photo® made it's way onto the disco circuits in the early 80's - when a dance club here in SF, called "Dreamland" asked me for two Terry Muscle guys to go on stage at midnight with a new and young Grace Jones - who performed "I Need A Man!" What a night that was!

Our Terry Beefcake videos soon found their way onto video screens at dance clubs all over the world.

Over the years we have collected tons of muscle film and video as well as movie posters and 16mm film. We are one of the few companies that produce muscle videos in full stereo sound - and now, in surround sound. Now, our vaults are overflowing with never-before-seen video footage, which we're offering as downloadable videoclips in our members area.

At Muscle Cinema, Terry's muscle treasures can now be yours! Showcasing all the up and coming bodybuilders from past and present.

The shows we cover have tons of hidden muscle talent, with both looks and personality... most of which have never been featured before on other muscle sites.

Join Terry's Muscle Cinema here at for access to videoclips from inside our private vaults - hot muscle from the past and the latest features from new events along with many new physique discoveries.

We know you'll enjoy the members area Muscle Cinema at, as much as we've enjoyed building it!

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