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National Physique Committee (NPC)

National Physique CommitteeThe real muscle in the realm of amateur bodybuilding and fitness in the United States is the National Physique Committee, and its influence is growing, for good reason. The sport's top amateur athletes realize the NPC is their route to the world's strongest bodybuilding organization - the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), and to professional success.

The NPC was formed back in 1982 after government legislation caused many sporting events - like track and field, and physique competitions - to break away from some of the other federations. NPC President - Jim Manion.

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The NPC has always had the support and recognition of the IFBB, which oversees international competition and the professional side of the sport, and this has been crucial to our success. The IFBB recognizes only one amateur physique federation per country, and in the United States, the NPC is the amateur arm of the IFBB. All bodybuilders - must win a qualifying NPC show before they can become IFBB professionals.

The first Nationals champion was Lee Haney. Then follows Kevin Levrone, Shawn Ray, Flex Wheeler, Mike Quinn, Gary Strydom, Mike Christian, Bob Paris, Chris Cormier, Paul DeMayo, Lenda Murray, Cory Everson, Laura Creavalle, Kim Chizevsky and so many others.

For more information, contact the National Physique Committee:
P.O. Box 3711, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15230
(412) 276-5027