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Neutron Fitness & Sports Organization

International Drug Free AthleticsNeutron Fitness & Sports Organization was developed in 1998 as a counter-response to increasing steroid and drug use among competitive athletes in Canada and around the world. Neutron was the first organization to introduce an anti-doping unit to the natural sports movement.

Neutron Sports focus is to educate and support the promotion of drug-free sporting events by providing a platform in which natural athletes can compete. Education on the benefits of competing drug-free is the key to our success and our athletes are the positive role models that we promote to our communities. The essence of fair play, integrity, honesty and respect all point to the importance of being clean and being your best, naturally. Neutron Sports plays a vital role in the establishment of ethics and sportsmanship that is sadly lacking in today’s competitive sports.

Their names are synonymous with integrity in sport. Neutron’s founders, Stephen and Sandra Mackey, have been in the fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition and overall sports field for over 25 years and are committed to the athletes. They are the current President and Vice President for the International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB) for Canada.

Their main focus is to serve all athletes fairly, justly, honestly and with the utmost integrity.

Neutron's events are open and cater to all athletes - amateur and professional, able-bodied and physically challenged - in all facets of athletics, including Fitness, Physique, Figure and Fitness Model Search, Sports Athletic and other sports-related competitions.

NEUTRON provides a natural platform and outlet for drug-free athletes to showcase their talents.

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Mission Statement

Our purpose is to promote an ethical lifestyle and to provide Drug-Free Athletes with a natural platform to showcase their talents around the World.

Honesty, and Commitment is our Foundation. Belief in our Athletes and their Dreams are our Strength. Our Athletes are proud of their guiding principle ~ Excel Through Your Own Endeavour.

Drug-free Philosophy

Drug usage associated with strength training and bodybuilding is contrary to good health, sportsmanship and the true spirit of athletics.

Neutron is very serious about its Drug-Free Policy and is the first organization to introduce a Anti-Doping Unit to the Natural Sports Movement. Neutron has called on CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport) to ensure the athletes that compete in a Neutron Event are Drug-Free.

Neutron promotes ethical conduct in all aspects of sports and is committed to promoting a fair and drug-free environment for all athletes.

Neutron believes athletes compete because they love their sport. They respect the training, determination and discipline it takes and they want to achieve excellence.

Neutron provides a sport system in which all athletes can share a sense of trust, confidence, respect, pride and friendship in the pursuit of athletic excellence.

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