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National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABBA)

National Amateur Bodybuilders AssociationThe first Mr. Universe competition was held in England on June 24th, 1950 with Steve Reeves of the US taking the Mr. Universe title. In the years to follow, the title of Mr. Universe was to be awarded to many of the great bodybuilders of the world including Reg Park, Bill Pearl, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Boyer Coe, Frank Zane, and Chris Dickerson.

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Bob Gruskin, the President of NABBA USA, is responsible for bringing NABBA to the United States. Bob attended his first NABBA Universe in 1983 and was so impressed with the efficiency of the organization, its world-wide establishment, and its direction in catering to and having athlete's interest foremost, he took it upon himself to lay the ground work for NABBA USA. In 1992, NABBA USA was officially christened, providing athletes with a new opportunity to compete nationally and internationally as an amateur and to qualify for professional competitions.