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Amateur Bodybuilding Association (ABA)

Amateur Bodybuilding Association The ABA has its roots in the early contests promoted by Denny Kakos as an outreach for his Mt Olympus Health Spa. The first competition was held in 1977, The Hercules Aphrodites, the Overall Champion was Karl Marshall, who still competes with the ABA today! Denny began his promoting career by holding small competitions in his gym, then later moving them into the city auditorium.

Denny soon began promoting contests under the auspices of the NPC. He promoted the first NPC natural contest, The California Natural Bodybuilding Championships, and it attracted 135 drug-free athletes. It was phenomenal success, and the NPC Chairman awarded Denny a plaque for innovation in natural bodybuilding.

With the popularity of natural contests, and his success as a promoter, Denny wanted to promote an NPC Natural National Qualifier, but the NPC was neither interested nor responsive.

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Desiring to establish an association that would truly serve the athletes by promoting big title natural competitions, quality awards, and first-class run contests, and to make it a positive and fun experience for everyone involved. Wally Boyko, Pete Samra, and Denny Kakos formed the Amateur Bodybuilding Association (ABA).

A primary founding criterion of the ABA was to avoid discrimination of any sort, and the ABA founders developed the first handicap classes - seated and standing. If the ABA didn't have a class to fit someone, they would create one. To promote the artistic aspects of bodybuilding contests, the ABA encouraged athletes to enhance their evening performance with props, costumes, etc. In this same spirit, the ABA continues to promote the advancement of natural bodybuilding and fitness competitions as both sport and performing art. In addition, the ABA continues to keep membership, contest registration, and sanction fees affordable for everyone.

Now the ABA has gone International and Professional level with the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and the PNBA ( Professional natural Bodybuilding Association) promoting over a 125 shows over the past year and hope to have many more in the years to come. With shows all over the world in over 35 countries. Denny Kakos has registered the ULTIMATE Natural contest the Natural Olympia Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition. And has turned out to be the largest most prestigious competition in the World. Where the best of the best of Natural athletes come to compete.