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Shawn LeBrun

Shawn LeBrun is a certified personal trainer in Portland, Maine. He has also been an online fitness expert since 2001, helping well over 40,000 people to achieve leaner, more muscular hysiques...faster than they ever thought possible.

Shawn graduated from Southern Maine Technical College in 1994 with a Degree in Law Enforcement and began working as a police officer for the city of Waterville, Maine in 1995. He graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in 1996 and worked as a patrol officer with Waterville for the next three years.

But even while working as a police officer, fitness was his true passion. Shawn soon realized that with fitness, he could help more people better their lives on a daily basis than police work could allow him.

In 2001, Shawn took the leap of faith and became certified as a Personal Trainer, with the College of Exercise Professionals. After completely transforming his body, it soon became crystal clear to him that helping others change their bodies and lives for the better was what he was put here to do.

After becoming the top trainer at the Portland (Maine) Regency Health Club, Shawn soon realized that his mission to help as many people as possible would be greatly limited if he only trained others one on one.

So, he decided to take another leap, this time as a business owner of a global fitness publishing company...and I haven't looked back since. And little by little, day by day, Shawn does his part to help spread the truth about what it takes to get in great shape.


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