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Joey Vaillancourt

Hey everyone, my name is Joey Vaillancourt and I am a former skinny/out of shape guy who turned his entire life around by doing the same thing you are doing today…searching for answers to a better body.

You see, I was not a certified personal trainer straight out of a well respected university graduating with top honours with a Kinesiology degree. I actually graduated with an Electronics degree (I’ll talk more about that after).

I was also not gifted with above average genetics.

No I was just another lost soul amongst the mass of bad fitness information out there today desperately searching for an answer to my most burning questions.

I was also another victim of living my life by other people’s standards and beliefs and not believing in myself. Don’t worry, that all changed and it WILL for you too.

What do I mean by all that?

Let me share with you a story I hope will inspire you to start taking ACTION in your own life to reach your specific goals. Whether it be muscle building, fat loss or another goal in life (trust me I have many others as well as fitness goals).

As a kid growing up in a small town, there are pre-conceived beliefs that are forced upon you. These beliefs are not always bad, but they are also not always good.
I am talking about negative beliefs, and as an impressionable kid, when surrounded by this; it is sometimes hard to rise above them.


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My Biggest Regret:

I started playing hockey when I was about 8 years old. I loved it! Being from Canada, and a small town, that is usually the sport of choice. I played through many years and made lots of friends, lots of memories and enjoyed it for the most part.

As I advanced in later years, I started to become fearful of the consequences of being so small in a contact sport.

Often times, players were a lot bigger than me (I was small, but I was fast!). Nevertheless, I started to receive criticism from teammates and doubts from others on the team about my size, as did others in the same position as myself.

This led to me changing my perspective and entering into self doubt!

I was worried: "Would I be good enough…Do I really stand a chance…Should I still try?"

Eventually, I cracked and decided that it was clear I would never be able to advance in the leagues because I was just too small.

Do you see how outside influences can affect you in a negative way?

I was exposed to negative influences telling me I could NOT do it.

I let them decide for me and gave up on something I had wanted all my life.

I am not saying that if I hadn’t quit, that I would have definitely made it to the pros. But one thing is certain; I wish I had made the decision for myself!

Only years later I realized there were many other options I could’ve taken, instead of quitting, to help me further that career.

The Day I Took Action:

That day I said NO MORE!

No more would I let others decide for me.

No more would I let others set the standard for my life.

No more would I let others be the sole influence on my choices.

You see, I realized you don’t need permission or to have 100% compliancy from others to follow your dreams and do what you want to do!

I changed my way of thinking and soon a new life unfolded in front of me.

I took charge of my life.

Aside from fitness I had always been passionate about music. I play guitar and sing (I actually sing classic rock and country!). I decided, in my final year of college studying Electronics, that I would release my first CD.

I didn’t have any plans of it selling millions of copies; I just knew I wanted to record the songs I had written and just do it!

I didn’t ask for permission, and there were many people given their reasons why I shouldn’t, but I did not listen. I knew in my heart I had to do it.

A year later, after lots of hard work and planning, I released my first CD…and sold almost every copy.

You see how things can change when you change your thinking?

About two years later I decided I wanted to get into the best shape I could and I was not going to settle for less.

I started really searching all over the net for any type of information I could find for putting on muscle as quick as possible.

This was also during the time when people were still telling me, it was not possible for a guy like me to gain lots of muscle. But at this time I was already so focused, they were not going to stop me from accomplishing this.

I actually started off on an internet program and saw some fantastic results! Who knew the internet could provide real results!

I then decided enough was enough; I wanted to keep going with my transformation, so I learned more. I also started studying to become a personal trainer so I could help others with their transformation.

Over the course of my transformation I put on over 30lbs of muscle and lost 10lbs of fat. The best part of that experience was that I learned how to implement the same actions to achieve similar results again with myself and others.


Now, 5 years later, I am a certified personal trainer, am in the best shape of my life and I just released my highly anticipated muscle building program Bones To Buff.

I am also the new 2010 FAME Central Fitness Model Champion.

I have helped others change their life and take action and I cannot wait to start helping you with your journey.

Stop all the self doubt and start believing in you.

Take action RIGHT NOW!

I know you will find what you are looking for and I know you will achieve your goals.

On your side,

Joey Vaillancourt NSCA-CPT

2010 FAME Central Fitness Model Champion



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