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If you embrace the nutritional strategies Skip La Cour has outlined in this publication, how you need to build muscle and lose body fat will be more simple. When eating is presented in a more simple format, you’ll develop the courage and confidence to meet the challenge—instead of shying away or procrastinating because you are overwhelmed with the confusing information you’ve read about nutrition.

The success of my bodybuilding nutrition program is to make it as simple as possible so we avoid all confusion. The Done-For-You Meal Plans do just that with simple to follow plans for your goals.

The Top 10 Secrets of the Best Bodybuilders

Basic Diet Plan- My typical basic plan I follow to build muscle, have energy, and stay lean year round. This is the structure I follow and build my daily schedule around my meals. I have been following these plans for years now. This is how I eat and exactly what I do. Don't expect anything crazy here and is no reason to do whacky stuff with your food. If you want results it is going to take a consistent plan and structure to make that happen.

Real champions spend their time and energy comparing what they are doing now to what they could be doing to improve in the future. They only compare the way they look now to what they aspire to look like in the future.

I know the saying “You gotta be the best you can be” is extremely overused and is now almost a meaningless cliché in the bodybuilding world. My experience dealing with many people trying to improve their physiques has convinced me that the majority of them believe that they are already doing everything they possibly can to become their very best. Sure, they’ll admit there can always be room for a little improvement in their habits and level of discipline—but not much!

The best drug-free bodybuilders have found the delicate balance between being too hard on themselves and being too easy on themselves. If you are too hard on yourself, you’ll eventually become frustrated. If you are too easy on yourself, you’ll fall far short of your full genetic potential.

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