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Optimum Anabolics Natural Body Building Program

Discover how a desperate Scrawny Nerd from Texas "accidentally" stumbled upon an amazing "Mass Building Trigger" that FINALLY allowed him to blast through his rotten genetics and pack on over 9 INCHES of Shredded New Muscle... NOT in years...But Just WEEKS!

And now YOU can learn the Secrets to chiseling a granite-like Chest, Arms, Shoulders and Abs that will reach out and grab the attention of your friends, co-workers (and yes... even the Women in the Yoga Class!) With this Breakthrough Step-By-Step Strategy!

This is one of the most CONTROVERSIAL Strategies to EVER hit the Body Building Industry... But even TOP PROS are shocked at the results!

Here's how it works:

Your body has 2 distinctive "sources" for muscle growth, each building upon the other, but not necessarily dependent upon one another.  They are:

  1. PROTEIN:  Protein consists of amino acids that are to muscle tissue what "bricks and mortar" are to a newly constructed building. Simply put, when you exercise, your body uses protein to build and maintain new muscle tissue.

  2. "ANABOLIC HORMONES":  These are natural "chemicals" in the body that also work to build new muscle tissue as well as offer the added benefit of simultaneously burning body fat.  You may know these hormones as "Growth Hormone", "Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1", and the most famous of all... TESTOSTERONE!

Now, most likely you know that in your quest for a massive chest, and biceps that stretch your undershirt to the point of ripping, you need to take in a LOT of protein so your body has the raw materials it needs to recover from your workouts and build new muscle.

But did you also know that increasing your testosterone and other anabolic hormone levels is THE key to literally forcing your body into pushing past your own genetic limitations?

This is why professional bodybuilders inject anabolic steroids into their bodies and why you see so many ads in the muscle magazines for "natural" Testosterone Boosters and Growth Hormone Enhancers.

You see, supplement manufacturers know that by offering you the "magical potion" that will finally allow you to look like the steroid-stacked pros ("without the side effects"?!), you'll dig deep into your bank account for the $100 - $150 they charge for you to choke down their "revolutionary discovery".

But I have another dose of "reality" for you here...

99.9% Of These "Natural" Testosterone And Growth Hormone Enhancers
Simply...DON'T WORK! They CAN'T ! And Here's WHY...

Remember that your body has evolved over thousands of years to create a series of protective defense barriers to keep it from harm.

Without getting too technical, ALL of your body's hormones are regulated by your pituitary gland, a tiny, pea-sized gland that hangs dangerously isolated in the middle of your brain.

Now, with such an important function as regulating ALL of your hormones, you can bet that your body will do everything possible to keep ANY harm from coming to this vulnerable little dynamo!

For this reason, there are very few outside substances that EVER have a "snowball's chance in hell" of getting close to forcing it into opening the floodgates on the "anabolic hormone supply line".

Your pituitary gland is NOT easily bullied and you can't simply pop a few "magic pills" and expect any effects at all!

Therefore, the ONLY WAY to stimulate this gland to generously pump out the massive quantities of anabolic hormones you need to pack on more muscle and burn more fat is to reach it indirectly by using a NATURAL activation process that comes in like a "sneak attack" through your body's defensive barriers!

Here's How To NATURALLY Skyrocket
Your Anabolic Hormone Levels To Double...Triple...
Even QUADRUPLE Your Current Muscle Gains...
Fast And Easy...

I call this process Natural Hormone "Triggering" and it works like this...

At precise stages of your weight training program, you will initiate a cycle of PROTEIN DEPRIVATION where you consume only a minimal amount of protein.

Now of course you would think that by not taking in any protein, your body wouldn't have the ability to actually grow any muscle, right?


You see, through simultaneous manipulation of the 8 Anabolic Factors I discussed earlier, your muscles, not finding the protein "building blocks" it needs to build new tissue, will send a "distress call" to your pituitary gland, signaling a desperate need for "Emergency Backup Hormones"!

As a result, testosterone, IGF-1, and growth hormone production will skyrocket...shooting your muscle gains through the roof!

Those gigantic, mutant, professional body builders you see in the muscle mags were able to far surpass their body's genetic limitations through the use of anabolic steroids...artificial hormones injected into their bodies.


Instead, steroids artificially add to the body's anabolic hormone system to pump out more muscle growth.  This is an expensive and extremely dangerous game that should ONLY be attempted under the watchful eye of a licensed physician!

However, this is the same thing YOU will be able to do NATURALLY simply by using the process I'm about to reveal...

You see, you can't just "stop taking protein" and expect your hormones to jump throught the roof!  I've tried that!

Instead, you must use a very specific cycle inserted at a very specific point in your program and only in a very specific combination with the 8 Anabolic Factors!

If your cycle is too won't work!
If your cycle is too won't work!
Too little won't work!
Too much won't work!
If you ignore ANY of the other 8 Anabolic Factors...IT JUST WON'T WORK!

But don't worry!  You see, it took me several months of research, experimentation, and fine-tuning but...

I finally discovered the exact step-by-step process that will allow YOU to gain the master controls over your body's muscle-building hormone supply!

Now, the exact process is simply too detailed to go into here and you also have to understand that not everyone has the same exact body. 

Your program ABSOLUTELY MUST be CUSTOM TAILORED to your specific body or the process just won't work!

That's exactly why I created...

The Optimum Anabolics Program!

In fact, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced pro, my best selling ebook, Optimum Anabolics, provides you with every last detail you need to completely master each and every one of the 8 Anabolic Factors!

AND... it's the ONLY program of its kind that also takes advantage of my exact process for "Natural Hormone Triggering"...all in...

A Step-By-Step Process So Simple... My 12-Year Old Son Understands It!

No complicated jargon, no B.S., just the straight-forward details of how to master your body's hidden ability to activate a continuous stream of natural muscle growth easily, safely, and without nagging plateaus!

Optimum Anabolics is not only changing bodies...but changing LIVES...

Take advantage NOW of this surefire 100% Guaranteed System proven again and again to be far More Effective than Any other method for Packing on Muscle!

The Optimum Anabolics Muscle Building Program