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NewGrips: A Workout Glove that Fits

By Shawn H. Ooi, Certified Personal Trainer

Working out is hard enough without having to put up with ugly calluses, sore hands and poor grip just because of abrasive bars, poorly padded equipment handles or a physical limitation. All sorts of gloves have been designed in an attempt to eliminate the abuse hands take when lifting weights. If you have a fresh blister, calluses, or are frustrated with your inability to complete those last few reps, you are not alone.

Originally, I was skeptical of these new type of "gloves". Nevertheless, I was open to trying them out. In the past, I had not used gloves because I did not like my hands feeling restricted when it came to the feel of the weights in my hands. The NewGrips took some adapting but they soon warmed on me.

My first impression of the Grips was that they cushioned the barbells and dumbbells in my hands, thus allowing me to handle heavier weights more comfortably. Within days, I noticed that it was second nature flipping the Grips on and off between sets and exercises. Heavy weights tend to put enormous amounts of pressure on the palms of our hands but with the Grips, you do not feel that pressure, therefore allowing us to focus more on the exercise.

"Nothing ruins a work-out sooner than sore hands or grip fatigue", says Alan Trombetta, the product developer of He continues, "Here is the difference: conventional workout gloves have failed to meet the needs of today's fitness generation. Leather gloves confine your hands and force them to sweat. Gloves bunch up, pinch and for many, getting a good fit is difficult. NewGrips, on the other hand, do not have finger holes to struggle with. They are hand pads, not gloves.

Since Grips are a two part system both the hand pads and the wrist straps are fully adjustable for a custom fit. Grips are the only adjustable glove." After a few weeks of using the Grips, I decided to go through a few work-outs without using them to see if it had made that much of an impact in my work-outs. Needless to say, I felt something amiss…in fact, I almost felt naked without my Grips! Give your hands a treat and slip on a pair of Grips today and see how they revolutionize the way you feel about working out...

NewGrips are available at NewGrip or Learn More

Shawn Ooi is a Los Angeles-based freelance personal trainer specializing in fitness, boxing, kickboxing and martial arts instruction. With over 16 years of professional experience, he has trained some of L.A.'s influential professionals as well as Hollywood's elite.


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