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Layman's Guides to Steroids III Review

Episode III: Return of the Syringe

... I'll give you the PROVEN cycles, diets and training routines you need to quickly and safely gain massive LEAN muscle...

By Mick Hart

To novice Steroid Users who want to make even more Muscle Gains, in even less time, even more safely and effectively - listen up because...

...Renegade Bodybuilding Trainer and Steroid Expert, Mick (No Bull) Hart, reveals even more proven Muscle Building Cycles, Diets and Training Routines... allowing you to Build Massive Lean Muscle, faster and safer than ever before!

...Most People Piss About In The Gym For Years And Don't Have Any Significant Results To Show For It

...But that won't happen to you (not any more). Below I'll detail precisely why. But first a little explanation:

It's a fact that anyone who has spent any time in a gym knows... most people simply don't achieve any significant results - they never manage to achieve the lean muscle which they originally hoped to.


Two main reasons: 1) They don't have the dedication and/or 2) They don't have the correct information - they simply don't know how to train, how to eat correctly, and use gear correctly.

And until you do have the correct information my friend, you will NEVER produce any notable gains - even if you have buckets full of dedication!

Yet don't think it's easy to get the information you need. It's not. Most people simply can't tell you because they don't know either! But don't worry...

...If you need some guidance, then I have excellent news for you. News that may mean the biggest gains of your life are just around the corner.

Today I'm going to show you how to cut down the wasted time and unneccessary learning curve you would otherwise have to go through (to get awesome results) to the absolute mimimum and give you on a silver plate...

  • 8 proven cycles
  • 3 proven nutrition plans (to gain mass and cut for that lean ripped look)
  • 8 proven training routines

...that are all GUARANTEED to pack on muscle, and help you get in the very best physical shape of your life QUICKLY...

... and I'll show you how to do it with NO crazy "Over The Top" cycles, no health risks, no acne, no water retention, no bitch tits, no fat, no abuse, no side effects... NONE!

There is no doubt in my mind that the information in the Laymans' Guide Episode III will save you months or (more likely) years of wasted time in the gym trying to figure out which training information works.

It will save you hundreds or (more likely) thousands of dollars which you may be wasting on certain supplements that you simply DON'T need; or steroids for dangerous "OTT" cycles that most (ill-informed) people seem to take these days!

It will provide you with the most direct and safe path to your goals. Not in days, not in weeks (as some stupid websites would try to have you believe), but over time - depending on your goals of course - this information WILL take you there.

You already know that my son Chris went from ZERO to British Championship qualifier in less than 1 year following my advice, cycles, diets and training plans... so you know what's possible. Even so many people with their job, family commitments or whatever, simply can't put in the time and devotion Chris did...

Layman's Guides to Steroids Episode III

Here's what you find inside:

  • Why this report was written and who's it for - the LG3 is for novice users, which in my opinion includes most people who "think" they know what they are doing! The biggest problem most people have is they start steroid use 3 or 4 steps up the ladder, this section is vital to ensure you're starting at the right place.
  • Why does anyone choose to use steroids - are you using steroids at the right stage of your development or too early? This will explain the "sticking points" and "plateaus" which may mean the time is right for you to consider gear. You obviously shouldn't take gear if you don't need to... this will help you make an intelligent decision.
  • Learn about "Over The Top" cycles and what is regarded as too much - don't take any steroid cycles until you read this part. OTT cycles are one of the most dangerous aspects of steroid use and surround the novice continually, this section will allow you to spot these hazardous and unneccesary cycles and choose your's wisely. "Once it's in you can't take it out" - so make sure you only put in the amount you need. (I assure you this advice is NOT easily available anywhere)
  • Age differences and steroids - learn why age and steroid use are important, both the younger and older steroid users mistakenly think they are those least at risk from steroid side effects - youth or age is NO defence against ignorance, and the price of ingorance can be VERY high. You must know this stuff!
  • Products a beginner should be wary of and why - basically as a novice there are steroid options that you simply shouldn't even consider, the problem is most people can't tell you what they are! Taking guesses or using a "fingers crossed" theory (as too many do) is a certain path to danger and is plain fucking stupid, especially nowadays with counterfeits which can be very unforgiving and dangerous - even on first injections. This section will help you avoid those dangers
  • Steroids and cycles a beginner should consider and why - invaluable if you're a beginner. Here you'll find exactly what to use. Any successful project should  begin with preparation, planning and good intention. If these aren't in place then all the media dangers you have read about will MOST DEFINITELY rear their ugly heads and you may well pay the price. This section will show you safe, yet extremely effective beginners cycles.
  • Steroids and cycles for an "advancing" beginner - when you move to the next stage you need to know what to take. Some people mistakenly think that the only difference between a beginners and an advanced users cycle is the amount. This section will arm you with the knowledge to question those theories, and offer you proven, and safe advanced cycles.
  • HGH and the beginner - it is important to note the HGH can be effective in small amounts in combination with the right AS cycle - don't believe the hype about more is better. There is an optimal amount (for the beginner especially), and I'll explain it all to you.
  • Can we date gear info...? (and why this will piss off a lot of publishers and authors) -  there are only so many steroids in the world today  and there is only so much that we can write about what a particular drug can do, we can play with the combination of drugs, but we cannot change what they are. There is only so much I can write about Deca, but other authors make their living explain all the thousands of generic versions. I'll show you all you need to know, the rest is just "fluff".
  • Sourcing your gear - a tricky topic, no doubt. Here I'll briefly offer you tips that can save you being ripped off buying crap (which can at best produce no results, and at worst kill you)! I can't give you a definitive answer to where to source your gear, but a few excellent pointers yes. NOTE: In an email follow up to anyone who grabs a copy of the LG3 I will recommend the ONLY website I think you should visit if you need to buy gear online.
  • Where to buy pins - such a small item, but such a big hassle to buy! Not any more, you'll never need to worry about this again. I'll give you the website where to go and get them quickly, easily and cheaply!
  • A simplified injection procedure - piss easy instructions with photos that even Homer Simpson could follow... means no more painful injections, just safe and simple from now on.
  • Home and "commercial" training systems - training at home can be just as effective as in a gym when you know how, I'll teach you to make the most of ANY workout where ever you are. The home gym workouts have been configured to mimic the commercial gym routines... and in many cases they can be more effective if you follow my advice!
  • Why diet is so important - 90% of people will fail in bodybuilding due to diet, either they'll get fat or won't gain any weight at all. Both aspects create lack of confidence and belief in what they're doing, and halts all progress. You can't get big unless your diet is regular and complete. Above anything else diet should be top of the list of bodybuilding priorites, and I'll show you the simplest way to make that happen for you.
  • Suggested diet tips and plans for weight loss and maintenance and for mass gain - here, in the simplest, yet most powerful way I know, I will give you diet and nutrition tips which are EASY to follow and simple enough to KEEP doing.
  • A detailed glossary of bodybuilding terms - so that nothing I mention in the Guide is unclear. I even explain the word "bollocks" for those who don't yet fully understand it's true meaning :-)

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