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Will Brink's Body Building Revealed Review

Will Brink's "Body Building Revealed" is in my opinion the most complete, comprehensive and easy to understand information published to date on "how to achieve lean muscle gains". (It has even been described by bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada as a "must read").

The author, Will Brink, is a genuine sports nutrition and supplementation expert, with all the credentials to prove it - not just another of the many "self acclaimed experts" that seem to appear everywhere on the Internet these days. (This fact in itself makes Body Building Revealed worthy of further investigation!)

The fact is that anyone who's been working out for any length of time knows that your efforts in the gym will largely go un rewarded if you don't eat and train correctly.

In fact many experts say that if you're trying to build lean muscle as much as 80% of your end results are down to correct nutrition and rest - NOT training. This being true it simply makes no sense at all to go to the gym without learning how to eat correctly.

...And Will's information is quite simply the very best out there in my opinion to help you achieve this - for two simple reasons:

1) It's all scientifically proven - Will is a leading researcher and consultant.

2) His information is proven in real world results - Will's clients as a trainer include an impressive list of top name athletes as well as SWAT and Navy Seal special operation teams.

In the first section of Body Building Revealed you'll learn just about all you need to know about eating to build lean muscle fast. It's brilliantly written, extremely easy to understand and takes you step by step through what would otherwise be the daunting task of putting together your own personal "lean muscle building diet" - you'll be shown how to do it in the exact same way that professional athletes do.

In the following chapters, Will explains in depth how to train , which supplements to use and which to avoid, how to do your cardio to retain lean mass, whilst still losing body fat, and pretty much everything else you could ever need to know to gain muscle.

Besides the written information you get access to an amazing resource which Will call's his "Inner Ring" in which you basically get free consultancy with Will, along with an incredible array of diet planning tools, unique articles from other leading industry experts and much more. It really is awesome stuff, and you'll not find such an immense amount of muscle gain knowledge and information in one place anywhere el se.. of that I'm sure!

I can safely say this is the most complete guide to building muscle I have ever seen, the only downside if there is one is it's size , this thing is 630 pages long, it's a monster, but then again it has a great index and table of contents and you can just click to the section your interested in.

I can't recommend it enough.

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