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2008 Arnold Classic Bodybuilding DVD Review

2008 Arnold Classic - 2 Disc Set : Prejudging & Finals
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2008 Ironman pro DVD


March 1, 2008 Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
A Classic Productions, Inc event.
DVD sponsored by
Cover photography by Raymond Cassar of
Camerawork by Wayne Gallasch of GMV Productions and Live Technologies.

Prejudging took place in the wonderful Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium at noon with the Finals following at 7PM.  Dexter Jackson was striving for his 3rd victory at this event out of a field of 15 of the world’s greatest bodybuilders. All were striving for the richest prize in bodybuilding, a $130,000 check presented by MD magazine, a $20,000 Audemars Piguet watch, a Tony Nowak jacket and of course the Arnold Classic trophy presented by GNC.

2008 Ironman pro DVDDexter Jackson had won the Arnold Classic in 2005 and 2006 and was seeking to join Flex Wheeler (1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000) and Jay Cutler (2002, 2003 and 2004) as the only men to win the event more than twice. At the Finals an elated DEXTER JACKSON did join Jay Cutler as a very worthy 3 time winner of this event. PHIL “The Gift” HEATH pushed Dexter all of the way with his superb shape, symmetry and new improved size.  However Dexter displayed an overall package of muscle maturity and hardness that proved to be the best on stage this year with Phil not far behind him. Phil took home prize money of $75,000.

The big surprise to many was the 3rd place finish of KAI GREENE who took home $50,000 and a lot more prestige than he has enjoyed from any of his previous pro placings. This man is a real contender. In 4th place with $30,000 it was BRANCH WARREN who also took out the Most Muscular Award and a magnificent Joska Kristall trophy. 5th place and $15,000 went to SILVIO SAMUEL with 6th place and $10,000 going to GUSTAVO BADELL.MELVIN ANTHONY received $10,000 for winning the Most Entertaining Posing Award. This was no surprise although Kai Greene gave him a real contest!

In the PREJUDGING Disc #1 we include every single comparison from all 15 competitors, shot from our central front camera in the press pit.

In the FINALS Disc #2  you will see the exciting opening of the show, then all 15 athletes perform their complete posing routines through to top 6 posedown and awards.  See Arnold's very humorous interview of Dexter Jackson plus final victory posing by Dexter.

This FINALS disc has been edited from 4 different cameras using the best angle and the best possible image of the bodybuilders at all times. The footage was shot from Wayne’s central camera position in the press pit and from the 3 house cameras of LIVE TECHNOLOGIES, producing the best ever Arnold Classic Finals DVD.

Of very special importance were the Lifetime Achievement Award to BEN WEIDER, the special tribute to REG PARK and the introduction and presentation of all Past Winners of the Arnold Classic. These segments are included in their entirety. Plus much more in the Extra Features of the DVDs including 2 separate Photo Galleries. The Photo Galleries are by Raymond Cassar and Gary Phillips 

This 2 DVD set runs 4 hours and our interviewer Kenny Kassel also did the introductions at the Prejudging. Finals MCs were Lonnie Teper and Clint Richards.

2008 Arnold Classic - Complete Results:
1 Dexter Jackson
2 Phil Heath
3 Kai Greene
4 Branch Warren
5 Silvio Samuel
6 Gustavo Badell
7 Toney Freeman
8 Melvin Anthony
9 Johnnie Jackson
10 Desmond Miller
11 Moe Elmoussawi
12 David Henry
13 Ronny Rockel
14 DeShaun Grimez
15 Adorthus Cherry


Running time: 154 mins

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