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The Most Dangerous (And Fun) Recreational Activities

There is nothing wrong with seeking a thrilling adventure. Exposing yourself to danger or partaking in a risky activity can be much more satisfying than one could imagine. Sometimes the positive feeling of the powerful release of endorphins and the adrenaline rush found in dangerous activities overrides any fear of possible risks. However, before participating in a potentially life threatening activity, the individual should weigh the pros and cons associated with the activity.

Hopping on the back of a motorcycle is one of the top ways to experience the thrill of a new adventure and to expose yourself to danger. Motorcycles can often be seen on the highway or even in suburban neighborhoods being operated from both the young and the not-so young. Many motorcycle enthusiasts will agree that there is no greater feeling of freedom than cruising at 70mph on an open road. Whether it's the wind in your face or the sun on your skin, motorcyclists are hooked on the exhilarating rush and danger they experience while operating these vehicles. When asked if the excitement associated with motorcycles is worth the risk of accident or even death, a vast majority of motorcycle owners will agree that they are. Aside from the recreational benefits found with operating motorcycles, they also offer the owner a variety of advantages. With the rising cost of gasoline, motorcyclists find that the money spent on their gas bill is far less than that of their automobile driving buddies.

Motorcycles are also friendlier to the environment than other vehicles and who isn’t a fan of living a "greener" life? Believe it or not, insurance rates are also much cheaper for motorcycles than cars and if saving money is a goal, consider the price difference between purchasing a motorcycle and that of purchasing a car (though, perhaps, your vehicle insurance rates are balanced out with a spike in life insurance premiums). Another perk of operating a motorcycle is that they have been proven to offer psychological benefits as well. Research shows that those who drive motorcycles arrive at their destinations feeling more refreshed than those who operate automobiles.

Bull riding is another dangerous but fun recreational activity. Aside from the big bucks that can be gained by professional bull riders, bull riding offers many other advantages. For those who like being the center of attention and having fans, bull riding provides opportunities for both. Crowds love brave bull riders who can make the eight second ride and will cheer the rider on as they fight to stay on the bull. Bull riding also provides opportunities for travel. Traveling in itself is exciting, but when paired with other thrill seeking bull riders, a fun time is guaranteed. One of the main reasons why this sport is considered dangerous is due most in part to the severity of injuries that can occur. Close to half of all injuries associated with bull riding are documented as being "severe."

Sky diving is also a dangerous and fun activity that is on the bucket list of many thrill seeking individuals. Free falling through a wide open sky is a sensation many people will never experience and those who do happily accept the risks involved. The number one risk and most thrilling aspect of skydiving is the consideration of the fact that there is a slight possibility the parachute will not open; all skydivers will have this thought cross their mind upon free fall. While the risk of the parachute failing is very slim, there are other risks that a sky diver can encounter such as injury during landing, but for a thrill seeker, the experience is all about the risk!