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Renaldo Gairy

Renaldo Gairy

Full Name: Renaldo Gairy
Nickname: Razor
Born: Jamaica, 1985
Height: 5'10
Off Season Weight: 205     Competition Weight: 190

I have just completed my first year of competition, and I still can’t believe how successful it was. My goal was only to win my first show, but I didn’t imagine I’d be a pro so soon. I have always been a fan of bodybuilding, but I had to get convinced by my peers and co-workers to start competing. Everyone is asking what I want to do in the future, but this is all so new to me and I have lots to learn about this industry. I’m definitely staying competitive for as long as possible, because this is all like a dream come true. Getting in shape for competitions is very rewarding for me. It’s like climbing to the top of a mountain. The struggle is all worth it once you reach the top. For new comers to the sport, my advice would be to do your own research first. Watch a show or two, see what separates the winners from the rest, and then get to work on yourself. I’ve seen some guys at competitions that didn’t know what a quarter turn was, or didn’t know to shave their legs. Another thing I might suggest is to only listen to people who you trust, and have experience in this. I had a lot of people telling me what to do, and criticizing my preparation methods who have never been onstage themselves. Had I taken their advice, I would have been a total mess.

Workout Program
This is my current off-season training program. I switch it up here and there, but this program has worked the best for me.
Day 1 Back
Day 2 Off
Day 3 Chest Biceps
Day 4 Shoulders Triceps
Day 5 Off
Day 6 Legs
Day 7 Off

I’ll sneak calves, abs, traps, and forearms in there as well.

When I’m in season there is no real pattern to my training. Some days I do my entire body, or I might just do chest and back. It all depends on how I’m feeling that day. I try to do my cardio in the mornings for 30 min and another 30 minutes late I the night. Walking on an incline works the best for me, and has the added benefit of improving my calves.

Nutrition Program
When I’m getting ready for a competition, I eat the same foods everyday. My diet usually it consists of a relatively small portion of complex carbohydrates in my first and third meals, together with protein, fats, and green vegetables in all my six meals of the day. It’s mostly chicken, egg whites, and turkey for protein, oatmeal and red potatoes for carbs. Vegetables can be anything green and leafy. As I’m getting closer to the competition, my trainer and I play around with the carbs a lot. It all depends on how I’m looking, so it’s always a little different for each competition.

Favourite Diet Food
Oatmeal has got to be my favorite thing when dieting. It’s like comfort food for me. In the face of low carbs, oatmeal is the greatest thing ever.

Favourite Cheat Food
My favourite thing to cheat with when dieting has got to be sushi. I’ll typically go to an all you can eat sushi bar, and load up.

Contest History:

2005 FAME Worlds - Open HW 1st

2005 Muscle Mania Canada - LW 1st & Overall

2005 FAME Halloween Mayhem - LW 1st & Overall






Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney

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