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Ed Corney

Ed Corney

Name: Ed Corney

Born: November 9, 1933, Hawaii

Official website:

Ed Corney is widely regarded as the greatest poser that the sport of bodybuilding has ever known. Ed won the IFBB Mr. America, IFBB Mr. Universe , IFBB Masters over 60 Olympia (twice) and is a member of the IFBB Hall of Fame. As a classic bodybuilder of the Golden Age, he continues to serve as both a spokesman and ambassador for the sport.

Ed was born November 9, 1933 in Hawaii. In 1950, he enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and, after serving in New York City, moved out to California. It was there that he met bodybuilder Millard Williamson who encouraged him to begin weight training.

At 160 pounds and age 33, Corney entered and won his first contest in 1967, the Mr. Fremont, held in Northern California. His wins the following year included Mr. Heart of California, Mr. Northern California and Mr. Golden West.

Ed continued to climb the bodybuilding ladder with impressive wins at the 1970 Iron Man, the 1971 AAU Mr. California, the 1971 IFBB Mr. USA, the 1972 IFBB Mr. America and the 1972 IFBB Mr. Universe that was held in Baghdad, Iraq.

Corney achieved even broader public recognition as a result of his appearance in both the book and movie versions of "Pumping Iron". He was pictured on the cover of the book and on the posters for the movie. In the film we see Ed not only training along side Arnold Schwarzenegger, with an absolutely mind-numbing intensity, but also flowing flawlessly from one of his classic and unique poses to the next as Arnold comments, "Now that's what I call posing".

Corney's pioneering posing transitions distinguished him from his peers at the time, and his incredible stage performances are still revered and imitated to this day.

In 1994 Corney returned to competition. He won the 60+ division of the Masters Olympia in both 1994 and 1995, placed 11th overall in 1996 and took second in the 60+ division in 1997. He also competed in 1998 in the only Masters event ever to be held at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

At the present time, Ed is training six days per week on a split routine, working his chest, back, shoulders and triceps on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and his legs and biceps on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He does several different exercises for each body part, working the individual muscle groups from various angles in order to achieve optimum muscular development and symmetry. As a powerlifter in the 181pound class, Ed has bench pressed 375, squatted with 465 and deadlifted 450 for a respectable 1290-pound total.

Corney is quite modest in spite of his many accomplishments and always conducts himself in a manner, which reflects credit upon him and the iron game. His quiet, friendly disposition is greatly admired by all who have had the pleasure of meeting Him in person. If excellence of character and outstanding muscular development are attributes of a Mr. America, then Ed Corney, this month's MD cover man is truly a worthy contender for the title.


Contest History:
1998 Arnold Classic - Masters, 10th
1997 Master's Olympia - 60+ , 2nd
1996 Master's Mr Olympia - 11th
1995 Master's Olympia - 60+, 1st
1995 Master's Mr. Olympia - 11th
1994 Master's Olympia - 60+ , 1st
1994 Master's Mr Olympia - 10th
1989 Superbowl of Bodybuilding PBA, 4th
1983 Mr. Olympia - 14th
1981 Mr. Olympia - 13th
1980 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational, 6th
1980 Mr. Olympia - 11th
1980 IFBB Night of Champions - 4th
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Pennsylvania - 6th
1980 IFBB Grand Prix Miami - 6th
1979 IFBB World Pro Championships - 5th
1979 IFBB Southern Pro Cup - 7th
1979 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational - 8th
1979 Mr. Olympia - Lightweight, 9th
1979 IFBB Night of Champions - 8th
1978 Mr. Olympia - Lightweight, 4th
1978 Mr. Olympia - 7th
1978 IFBB Night of Champions - 4th
1977 Mr. Olympia - Short, 2nd
1977 Mr. Olympia - 3rd
1976 Mr. Olympia - Lightweight, 3rd
1975 IFBB World Pro LW, 2nd
1975 Mr. Olympia - Lightweight, 2nd
1974 IFBB Mr. World - Short, 1st
1974 IFBB Mr. International - Short, 1st
1973 IFBB Mr. World - Medium, 1st
1972 IFBB Universe - Medium & Overall, 1st
1972 IFBB Mr. International - Short, 1st
1972 IFBB Mr. America - Short & Overall, 1st
1971 IFBB Universe - Medium, 3rd
1971 IFBB Mr. USA - Short & Overall, 1st
1971 AAU Mr. California - Most Muscular, 1st
1971 IFBB Mr. America - Short, 1st
1971 AAU Mr. America - 4th
1970 AAU Mr. California Most Muscular, 2nd
1970 AUU Mr. America - 11th
1970 Iron Man - 1st
1970 Mr. Pacific Coast
1969 AAU Mr. Western America
1968 AAU Mr. California - 5th
1968 Mr. Golden West
1968 Mr. Westerner
1968 AAU Mr. Northern California
1968 Mr. Heart of California
1967 Mr. Central California
1967 Mr. Fremont




Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney
Ed Corney

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Barbell bench press 4x8
Dumbbell bench press 3x6
Dumbbell incline press 3x6
Dumbbell Incline flye 3x6
Wall pulley flye 3x10
Close grip chin 3x10
Lat-machine pull down 3x6
Wan pulley exercises 3x6
Dumbbell pullover 3x6
Dumbbell press 3x6
Side lateral raise 3x6
Front raise 3x6
Press behind neck 3x6
Close grip bench press 3x6
Lat-machine press down 3x6
Dips on parallel bar 3x6
Lying French curl 3x6

Front squat 4x8
Hack squat Leg press 3x10
Leg extension 3x10
Leg curls 3x10
Calf raise 9x10
Barbell curl 3x6
Dumbbell curl 3x6
Incline dumbbell curl 3x6
Concentration curl 3x6

Worked daily with sit-ups, leg raises, side twists and side bends.


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