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Dave Liberman

Dave Liberman

Name: Dave Liberman

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In my twenty plus-years of involvement in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, I have learned to appreciate the importance of mental and physical fitness. Through personal training and the promotion of drug free NPC bodybuilding and fitness contests, I have made a conscious effort to help individuals improve their mental health and physical caliber.

My goal through this site is to continue to help others by providing nutrition information, and personal training services which include hands-on training and personalized workout routines.

I hope your visit is enlightening, informative and motivating, and that you take with you a wealth of information to assist you in living a life of good mental and physical health.

I became involved with weight training at the age of 13 in order to battle a weight problem and to improve my self-esteem. After lifting weights at home, I decided to join a local YMCA. Fortunately this particular YMCA had an extensive gym with a variety of free weights and machines.

In 1983 at the age of 17, I decided it was time to try competing, and took home my first bodybuilding trophy, and placed fourth in the NPC Teenage Ohio North District. For the following 10 years I competed successfully in a multitude of bodybuilding contests.

With my success on the bodybuilding stage I received a contract with Cybergenics, a New Jersey based supplement company. I was a spokes person for them for three years, and was so well received I was given the responsibility of representing the company by handling all their military accounts. This gave me the unique opportunity to make a living at what I love to do, and travel the world in the process.

Some of the places I made appearances at were Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Germany, Saudi Arabia and all over the US including Alaska.

Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman
Dave Liberman

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After a bit of traveling, I felt the need to come back to the Cleveland, OH area and start my personal training and nutritional services. The majority of my business is fueled by everyday people whose main desire is to lose weight, tone up and improve their overall health and fitness.

I am still very involved with the bodybuilding and fitness community, and often find time to write and take photos for various bodybuilding and fitness publications. In addition, I am a promoter of NPC bodybuilding and fitness events in the Cleveland area, and donate a good portion of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Contest History:

1984 - 1st place NPC Teenage Ohio
1984 - 1st place NPC Mr. Metropolitan
1984 - 4th place NPC Teenage Mr. America
1985 - 1st place and overall NPC Teenage Key To the Sea
1985 - 1st place and overall NPC Ohio North District
1986 - 1st place NPC Mr. Northern USA
1986 - 1st place and overall NPC Mr. Midwestern America
1989 - 1st place NPC Mr. North East USA
1991 - 1st place and overall NPC Mr. Ohio
1991 - 1st place and overall NPC Collegiate Mr. America
1992 - 1st place and overall NPC Washington DC Grand Prix
1992 - 1st place and overall NPC Titan Championships
1992 - 1st runner up NPC Jr. America