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Boudewijn Simons

Name: Boudewijn Alexander Simons

Nickname: 'B-Wine'

Date of birth: December 24th, 1977

Birthplace: Maastricht, the Netherlands

Education: Dutch Law at the Faculty of Law of the Maastricht University; TogaMaster Maastricht (an advanced Master's program at the same university)

Hobby's: Drawing; reading; watching movies; surfing on the Internet; playing video games; fitness/bodybuilding and sportwalking.

I'm a completely self-thought amateur artist. I've studied Dutch law at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, where I live.

I currently work as a legal adviser, but I soon want to be a parttime comicbook artist, too. In the past I've made a few comic pages for The Walt Disney Company. You can find them on my website

I like to draw bodybuilders, because I've been into bodybuilding myself since I was fourteen, fifteen years old.

My favorite bodybuilders are Arnold Schwarzenegger (the main reason why I started bodybuilding in the first place), the late Mike Mentzer (the reason why I'm still interested in bodybuilding today) and Dorian Yates (who introduced me to Mike Mentzer). I love Mike's Heavy Duty, High-Intensity Training (HIT) approach to bodybuilding!

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Boudewijn Simons -

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