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Big Biceps workout routines for every part of the muscle

By Tony Meyer

Bigger Biceps WorkoutMany times I have heard that narrow or wide grip does not affect inner or outer biceps development. I dare say: yes it does. And many times I was told that one should not make isolating movements to increase arms mass. Here I partially agree: one should not make isolating movements to increase overall muscle mass.

But what to do if you need to put a size only on your, let's say, lower biceps? Yes, you have to isolate it. I have experimented with many exercises and found nothing better than preacher (scott) curls for lower biceps.

Going further. You need to make your biceps to pop up higher in biceps poses. What to do? Make countless sets of standing barbell curls? Try that and you will get big formless peace of meat between your elbow and shoulder. In this case (I mean the situation called "peak needed") concentration curls are the best.

If your arms look thinner than you would like them to look, I think that to thicken your inner biceps you should make barbell curls with a grip as wide as you can. Curl your arms using middle weight, about 8-12 reps.

Without any doubt, if you want to achieve significant results you have to train like an animal (but not loosing your head).

A couple of years after starting to work out I've been pumping my biceps like mad. After each workout it was like a hound dog after a good hunting. It's funny to recall one case from my training history. I've got a copy of one famous bodybuilder's workout routine. It wasn't a good copy if not to say worse. In original (as I realized later) it was written: "... 3-6 sets of seated dumbbell curls, 3 set of preacher curls and 3 sets of concentrated curls ...". But as I told already the copy was the worst I've ever seen and hyphen between 3 and 6 disappeared.

Just imagine a young bodybuilder who believes everything that he reads about training. So if I see that one of the stars makes 36 sets - I have to complete them all too. They were workouts - just to die for. But I knew that I had to complete:

36 sets of seated dumbbell curls
3 sets of preacher curls
3 sets of concentration curls
After first workouts I couldn't even raise a tooth brush. But then I've got accustomed. For half a year I tortured myself before I realized that something was wrong. At least I heard what I was told all that time by my friends and partners. And I would never forget what my trainer told to my pals who were trying to explain me that I was not right. He told them: "I won't tell him a word. I am just waiting when that crazy SOB will totally overtrain and get out of the gym". But I did not give him the satisfaction of seeing me leaving the gym. I became smarter. It was a good lesson, but nevertheless everything is possible and everything is useful.

So let's go back to the biceps exercises. Briefly, here are some routines for lagging parts of biceps. Try them and get what you need.

Overall mass:
1. Standing barbell curls 5 x 8
2. Preacher curls 4 x 8
3. Seated dumbbell curls 3 x 8

Lower biceps:
1. Preacher dumbbell curls 4 x 8
2. Preacher barbell curls 4 x 8
3. Standing barbell curls - 3 x 8

Upper biceps:
1. Seated supinated dumbbell curls 4 x 10
2. Vertical preacher curls - 3 x 12
3. Concentration curls - 3 x 12

Inner biceps:
1. Wide grip barbell curls - 4 x 8
2. Inclined bench seated dumbbell curls 4 x 8
3. Dumbbell curls (hold dumbbells as if you hold a barbell with as wide grip as you can) - 3 x 12

Outer biceps:
1. Very narrow grip barbell curls (up to 5 inch)
(if you feel pain in your wrists using standard bar, use EZ bar) - 4 x 10
2. Very narrow grip preacher curls - 4 x 10
3. Concentration curls - 3 x 12


  • To achieve better results change your programs each 2-3 months
  • It is recommended to train each bodypart once a week.
  • Do not forget to train other muscle groups to create proportional physique